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Intergenerational volunteering and quality of life for persons with mild to moderate dementia: results from a 5-month intervention study in the United States


George, Daniel R., Singer, Mendel E.


The American Journal Of Geriatric Psychiatry: Official Journal Of The American Association For Geriatric Psychiatry, Volume: 19, No.: 4, Pages.: 392-396

Year of Publication



Objectives: To evaluate whether a structured intergenerational volunteering intervention would enhance quality of life (QOL) for persons with mild to moderate dementia.; Methods: Fifteen participants were randomized into intervention and control groups. The intervention group participated in hour-long structured volunteer sessions with a kindergarten class and an older elementary class in alternating weeks during a 5-month interval. Data on cognitive functioning, stress, depression, sense of purpose, and sense of usefulness were collected at baseline and at the close of the intervention. Change scores were computed and analyzed for all variables.; Results: There was a significant decrease in stress for the intervention group.; Conclusions: This study adds preliminary findings that intergenerational volunteering interventions might contribute to QOL for persons with dementia, in part through a reduction in stress.;

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aged, 80 and over, and, cognition, complications, dementia, depression, diagnosis, female, humans, intergenerational relations, kindergarten, male, methods, of, psychology, psychotherapy, purpose, quality of life, school, selfassessment, sense, stress, stress, psychological, therapy, united states, usefulness, volunteers

Countries of Study


Types of Dementia

Dementia (general / unspecified)

Types of Study

Randomised Controlled Trial

Type of Outcomes

Cognition, Depression and Anxiety, Other, Quality of Life of Person With Dementia



Type of Interventions

Non-pharmacological Treatment

Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions

Intergenerational Activities