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This database contains 8 studies, archived under the term: "piracetam"

Reduction of hippocampal hyperactivity improves cognition in amnestic mild cognitive impairment

Elevated hippocampal activation is observed in conditions that confer risk for Alzheimer’s disease, including amnestic mild cognitive impairment (aMCI). Studies in relevant animal models have indicated that overactivity in selective hippocampal circuits contributes to cognitive impairment. Here, we tested the effect of reducing hippocampal activation in aMCI. Under placebo treatment, hippocampal activation in the dentate […]

Impacts of moxibustion on vascular dementia and neuropeptide substance content in cerebral spinal fluid

Objective: To observe the effects of moxibustion therapy on the improvements of clinical symptom scale score and neuropeptide substance in vascular dementia (VD) and investigate a part of mechanism of moxibustion on Vd.; Methods: Eighty-seven cases of VD were divided randomly into a moxibustion group (43 cases) and a western medicine group (44 cases). In […]

Effects of moxibustion at head-points on levels of somatostatin and arginine vasopressin from cerebrospinal fluid in patients with vascular dementia: a randomized controlled trial

Background: There are obvious changes in neuropeptides from plasma and cerebrospinal fluid in patients with vascular dementia (VaD), and regulating the levels of neuropeptides is a key for prevention and treatment of VaD.; Objective: To observe the clinical efficacy of moxibustion at head-points in treatment of vascular dementia (VaD), and assess its effects on memory-related […]

Effect of reinforcing kidney-essence, removing phlegm, and promoting mental therapy on treating Alzheimer’s disease

Objective: To explore the mechanism of reinforcing kidney-essence, removing phlegm, and promoting mental therapy in treating Alzheimer’s disease (AD).; Methods: Sixty patients with AD in Wuhan No.1 Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine for Geriatrics from May 2009 to April 2011 were randomly divided into two groups, with 30 in each group. Patients in Bushenhuatanyizhi group […]

Efficacy of acatinol memantine in mild cognitive disorder

An open 6 month clinical trial of efficacy of acatinol has been carried out in patients with mild cognitive disorder (MCD). Forty patients received acatinol and 20 patients of comparison group were treated with piracetam. Mean age of patients was 67,7+/-7,2 years. Patient’s state was assessed with a battery of scales, questionnaires and neuropsychological tests. […]

Levetiracetam: a practical option for seizure management in elderly patients with cognitive impairment

Cognitive impairment and seizures are common in our aging population. Anticonvulsant treatment is problematic due to sedation, cognitive slowing, and behavioral changes. Levetiracetam has favorable pharmacokinetics, good efficacy in elderly individuals, a favorable side effect profile, and lacks major drug interactions. We conducted a prospective, uncontrolled, phase 4, open label, 12-week study of levetiracetam to […]

Levetiracetam, lamotrigine, and phenobarbital in patients with epileptic seizures and Alzheimer’s disease

The objective of the study described here was to evaluate the efficacy, tolerability, and cognitive effects of levetiracetam (LEV) in patients with seizures and Alzheimer’s disease (AD). This was a prospective, randomized, three-arm parallel-group, case-control study of 95 patients taking LEV (n=38), phenobarbital (PB) (n=28), and lamotrigine (LTG) (n=29). A 4-week dose adjustment was followed […]

Efficacy of akatinol memantine in moderate cognitive impairments

A six-month open clinical trial of the efficacy of Akatinol was conducted in 40 patients with moderate cognitive impairments (MCI) using piracetam (20 patients) as reference agent; mean age was 67.7 +/- 7.2 years. Patient status was evaluated using a number of scales, questionnaires, and neuropsychological tests prior to treatment and at three and six […]

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