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Keeping up health promotion practices in specialized day care units for people with dementia


Gustafsdottir, M.


American Journal Of Alzheimer's Disease And Other Dementias, Volume: 26, No.: 6, Pages.: 437-442

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Background: Health promotion practices hold promises for elderly individuals’ quality of life. This article shows that such practices can be promoted in specialized day care units for individuals with dementia.; Method: Group interviews with 8 groups of staff (comprising 24 staff members) in 3 day care units.; Results: Rather than referring directly to health promotion practices, the staff-members talked about the importance of regular drinks and meals, as well as exercise such as gym programs, walking, and swimming sessions for the wellbeing of their clients. They also maintained that the pursuit of different individual interests reduced stress both for the individual client and for the respective family.; Conclusion: Day care for elderly individuals with dementia can promote individual health practices, in as much as it is based on knowledgeable monitoring of health and well-being. Such health practices strengthen the daycare client’s optimal independent function which the staff members regard as a prerequisite for living at home.;

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aged, day care, dementia, family, family nursing, female, food services, geriatric nursing, health promotion, humans, hygiene, iceland, members, methods, nursing, nursing staff, organization administration, psychology, qualitative research, quality of life, staff, stress, psychological, therapy, toilet facilities, views

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Dementia (general / unspecified)

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Focus Group, Interview Study

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Day Care

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