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Dementia caregivers’ responses to 2 Internet-based intervention programs


Marziali, Elsa, Garcia, Linda J.


American Journal Of Alzheimer's Disease And Other Dementias, Volume: 26, No.: 1, Pages.: 36-43

Year of Publication



Purpose: The aim of this study was to examine the impact on dementia caregivers’ experienced stress and health status of 2 Internet-based intervention programs.; Design and Methods: Ninety-one dementia caregivers were given the choice of being involved in either an Internet-based chat support group or an Internet-based video conferencing support group. Pre-post outcome measures focused on distress, health status, social support, and service utilization.; Results: In contrast to the Chat Group, the Video Group showed significantly greater improvement in mental health status. Also, for the Video Group, improvements in self-efficacy, neuroticism, and social support were associated with lower stress response to coping with the care recipient’s cognitive impairment and decline in function.; Implications: The results show that, of 2 Internet-based intervention programs for dementia caregivers, the video conferencing intervention program was more effective in improving mental health status and improvement in personal characteristics were associated with lower caregiver stress response.;

Bibtex Citation

@article{Marziali_2011, doi = {10.1177/1533317510387586}, url = {}, year = 2011, month = {jan}, publisher = {{SAGE} Publications}, volume = {26}, number = {1}, pages = {36--43}, author = {E. Marziali and L. J. Garcia}, title = {Dementia Caregivers{textquotesingle} Responses to 2 Internet-Based Intervention Programs}, journal = {American Journal of Alzheimer{textquotesingle}s Disease and Other Dementias} }


adaptation psychological, aged, caregivers, dementia, etiology, female, health status, humans, internet, male, outcome assessment (health care), psychology, questionnaires, social, stress, psychological, support, therapy, videoconferencing

Countries of Study


Types of Dementia

Dementia (general / unspecified)

Type of Outcomes

Carers’ Mental Health, Carers’ Physical Health, Other, Service use or cost reductions (incl. hospital use reduction, care home admission delay)

Type of Interventions

Intervention for Carers, Technology (telephone, telecare, telehealth, robots, GPS)

Carer Focussed Interventions

Befriending (including telephone/online befriending services)


Technology – social media, online support, communication