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Concord grape juice supplementation and neurocognitive function in human aging


Krikorian, Robert, Boespflug, Erin L., Fleck, David E., Stein, Amanda L., Wightman, Jolynne D., Shidler, Marcelle D., Sadat-Hossieny, Sara


Journal Of Agricultural And Food Chemistry, Volume: 60, No.: 23, Pages.: 5736-5742

Year of Publication



Polyphenol compounds found in berry fruits, in particular flavonoids, have been associated with health benefits including improvement in cognition and neuronal function with aging. Concord grape juice contains polyphenols, including anthocyanins and flavanols, and previous research has shown improvement in a number of human health conditions with grape juice supplementation. In the current study, older adult subjects with mild cognitive impairment consumed Concord grape juice or placebo for 16 weeks and were administered assessments of memory function and brain activation pre- and postintervention. Participants who consumed grape juice showed reduced semantic interference on memory tasks. Relatively greater activation in anterior and posterior regions of the right hemisphere was also observed with functional magnetic resonance imaging in the grape juice treated subjects. These findings provide further evidence that Concord grape juice can enhance neurocognitive function in older adults with mild memory decline. ;

Bibtex Citation

@article{Krikorian_2012, doi = {10.1021/jf300277g}, url = {}, year = 2012, month = {jun}, publisher = {American Chemical Society ({ACS})}, volume = {60}, number = {23}, pages = {5736--5742}, author = {Robert Krikorian and Erin L. Boespflug and David E. Fleck and Amanda L. Stein and JoLynne D. Wightman and Marcelle D. Shidler and Sara Sadat-Hossieny}, title = {Concord Grape Juice Supplementation and Neurocognitive Function in Human Aging}, journal = {J. Agric. Food Chem.} }


administration & dosage, aged, aged, 80 and over, aging, analysis, anthocyanins, antioxidants, beverages, brain, chemistry, cognition, double-blind method, drug effects, female, fruit, grape, humans, intervention studies, juice, magnetic resonance imaging, male, memory, metabolism, physiology, polyphenols, prospective studies, vitis

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Types of Dementia

Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)

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Non randomised controlled trial

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Pharmaceutical Interventions