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STAM protocol in dementia: a multicenter, single-blind, randomized, and controlled trial


Ceccato, Enrico, Vigato, Giovanna, Bonetto, Chiara, Bevilacqua, Albina, Pizziolo, Paolo, Crociani, Susanna, Zanfretta, Emanuele, Pollini, Lorenza, Caneva, Paolo Alberto, Baldin, Lorella, Frongillo, Cristina, Signorini, Andrea, Demoro, Sara, Barchi, Elisabetta


American Journal Of Alzheimer's Disease And Other Dementias, Volume: 27, No.: 5, Pages.: 301-310

Year of Publication



Background: The Sound Training for Attention and Memory in Dementia (STAM-Dem) is a manualized music-based protocol designed to be used in the rehabilitation of cognitive functions in elderly patients with dementia (PWD).; Method: This was a multicenter, single-blind, randomized, and controlled trial that involved 51 PWD. The objective was to test the STAM-Dem efficacy. Patients in the experimental group followed the STAM-Dem for 2 weekly sessions of 45 minutes for 12 weeks (in addition to standard care). Those in the control group continued with the normal “standard care” provided.; Results: In the experimental group, the instruments immediate prose memory test (MPI), deferred prose memory test (MPD), attentional matrices, activities of daily living, Music Therapy Activity Scale (SVAM) and Geriatric Music Therapy Profile (GMP) increase significantly from pre to post-test (P < .05).; Conclusion: The protocol is feasible and data suggest that there was an effect on attentino (matrices) and prose memory skills (MPI and MPD). The effect size reveals a general improvement in the results of the experimental group.;

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@article{Ceccato_2012, doi = {10.1177/1533317512452038}, url = {}, year = 2012, month = {jul}, publisher = {{SAGE} Publications}, volume = {27}, number = {5}, pages = {301--310}, author = {E. Ceccato and G. Vigato and C. Bonetto and A. Bevilacqua and P. Pizziolo and S. Crociani and E. Zanfretta and L. Pollini and P. A. Caneva and L. Baldin and C. Frongillo and A. Signorini and S. Demoro and E. Barchi}, title = {{STAM} Protocol in Dementia: A Multicenter, Single-Blind, Randomized, and Controlled Trial}, journal = {American Journal of Alzheimer{textquotesingle}s Disease and Other Dementias} }


activities of daily living, aged, aged, 80 and over, attention, complications, dementia, etiology, female, humans, male, memory disorders, methods, music therapy, neuropsychological tests, rehabilitation, treatment outcome

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Dementia (general / unspecified)

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Randomised Controlled Trial

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