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Effect of three-line puncture on the Governor Vessel and Bladder Meridian on head on cognitive function of vascular dementia patients


Chen, Xiao-Jun, Chen, Li-Fang, Chen, Qin, Fang, Zhen


Zhongguo Zhen Jiu = Chinese Acupuncture & Moxibustion, Volume: 32, No.: 4, Pages.: 289-292

Year of Publication



Objective: To verify the therapeutic effect of vascular dementia treated with three-line puncture on the Governor Vessel and Bladder Meridian on head.; Methods: Sixty cases were randomly divided into a head-line puncture group and a routine acupuncture group, 30 cases in each group. In head-line puncture group, line puncture was applied on three lines of the Governor Vessel and Bladder Meridian from anterior hairline to occipital tuberosity. In routine acupuncture group, Yintang (GV 29), Fengchi (GB 20), Sishencong (EX-HN 1) penetrating to Baihui (GV 20) and Shenting (GV 24) penetrating to Shangxing (GV 23) were selected. Once a day, 5 times in a week and 8 weeks totally. Score was evaluated with Mini-Mental State Examination scale (MMSE) before and after treatment, and the therapeutic effects in both groups were compared.; Results: The total effective rate of cognitive function was 76. 7% (23/30) in head-line puncture group, superior to that of 43.3% (13/30, P < 0.05) in routine acupuncture group. The MMSE scores in both groups were improved after treatment (both P < 0.01), and it in head-line puncture group was superior to that in routine acupuncture group (P < 0.01).; Conclusion: Three-line acupuncture on the Governor Vessel and Bladder Meridian on head can remarkably improve the cognitive function of vascular dementia, and the therapeutic effect is superior to that of routine acupuncture.;


acupuncture, acupuncture therapy, aged, cognition, dementia vascular, female, head, humans, male, meridians, middle aged, physiopathology, psychology, therapy, treatment outcome

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Vascular Dementia

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Non randomised controlled trial

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